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Tin Ear is Tri-Cities' oldest stereo shop
Tin Ear Stereo

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About Us
       Here for the long haul, the Tin Ear has weathered three decades of booms, busts, and "termination winds" in our community and continues to provide the Tri-Cities and Mid Columbia Basin with quality home audio and home theater systems. The Tin Ear traces its roots to speaker and sub woofer experiments begun in the late 1960's. By the early 1970's, a small word-of-mouth business was being conducted that led, in 1974, to the opening of a Richland store carrying several lines of mid and high range stereo components. 
       With two consulting Electronic Engineers, the company has stayed active in the R & D that has led to design and limited production of high end stereo components and high resolution video transfer equipment for production studios and TV stations. With home theater rushing headlong into HDTV and the digital age, the Tin Ear will continue to be your source for sound value in home entertainment systems. 
Tin Ear
Suite 116, Towne Square Mall
3902 W. Clearwater Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99336
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